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Over 40 years of Golf Badge | Metal Surface Treatment Services | A&1

A&1 Group, since 1979 is a metal part surface finishing and treatment service provider based in Metal Industry.

Over 40 years of professional IATF16949 & TS16949 certified metal part finishing and treatment services. Metal part surface treatment for auto parts, medical equipment parts, golf ball heads, labels, electronics parts, name plates, etc. One-stop metal surface treatment such as sandblasting, hairline, etching, laser, printing, painting etc.

A&1 has been offering customers high-quality Aluminum plate, Aluminum stamping, Anodizing, Sticker, Label, Aluminum case, Speaker mesh, Etching, Logo, Nameplate. Both with advanced technology and 39 years of experience, A&1 ensures each customer's demands are met.

Golf Badge

Main Customers:
- TaylorMade
- Callaway
- Mizuno
- Dunlop
- Wilson
- Cleveland...etc.

Brief Description of the Process

Material: Nickel
The shape of the product is made on the copper mold according to the 3D figure so that surface effect is directly made on the mold (For Example: Polishing, Hairline, Sandblasting, Engraving, CD Pattern, etc. Effect Electroplating PVD-Film-Cutting-Surface Treatment) (Spray Painting / Painting / Printing / Secondary Electroplating, etc. → Inspection Package.


  • Aluminum, Nickel
Golf Head Sign Performance
● TaylorMade R7, R9, R11 series
● TaylorMade Burner series
● TaylorMade Tour Preferred Series
● TaylorMade Spider, ROSSA series
● TalorMade - Wedge Series
● CALLAWAY - Raza Series
● Maruman & PRGR
● Mizuno
● Wilson
● Cleveland...etc.