Shi-Kuang, Kunshan

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Shi-Kuang, Kunshan

A&1 Shi-Kuang, Kunshan China

  • Milestone
    • Established in 1999 in Kunshan, Jiangsu. Officially put into production in 2005, with one barrel galvanizing production line

    • Obtained ISO14001 / ISO9001 certification in 2006

    • Obtained TS16949 certification in 2007, and at the same time set up a production line for galvanized and galvanized nickel

    • Obtained GM certification in 2010 and become a GM qualified supplier

    • In 2012, the production line of galvanized nickel was established

    • Obtained Volkswagen certification in 2015 and was rated as A-level supplier ,and became a qualified supplier of Volkswagen

    • In 2017, a labor union was established, and its turnover exceeded 200 million yuan, mainly processing automotive fasteners

  • Main business: auto parts (90%) / aviation parts (5%) / industrial parts (5%), mainly with fasteners, stamping parts, industrial parts, diesel common rail and other environmental surface treatment

  • Production equipment::