VP Component, Vietnam

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VP Component, Vietnam

1. VP component company outline
a. A&1 GROUP has the experience about 40 years for the technology of the surface treatment. From 2012 ,we corporate with FUSHENG GROUP in Vietnam for the golf club plating. Metal plating, golf club plating, trademark ,PVD department has been built to take a service for the customers nearby.
b. China–United States trade war led to the higher cost of the environmental protection, and the labor cost also gets higher and higher . So the Taiwan-funded factories are transferred to Vietnam. A&1 Group also merged the VP component company. A&1 GROUP start managing VP component company in April 1st 2019.

Basic information
Company nameVP Component Co., Ltd
AddressLo 104/2-1, Duong So 2, KCN Amata, P. Long Binh, TP.Bien Hoa, T.Dong Nai
Capital5.600.000 USD
Company type100% FDI TAIWAN
Factory5 buildings, total areas= 9,758m2 The areas broaden to 16,752m2 in the future
Areas30,000 m2
Establishing date2001年

    2.Main business scope

  1. Designing and manufacturing the surface treatment of the metal and plastic product.
  2. Main Product: kinds of ,metal/plastic delicate trademark, aluminum stamping ornaments, Aluminum extruded products, zinc alloy die-cast products, injection molded exterior products, aluminum CNC products


3.Surface treatment

Nickel-chromium decorative plating

Zinc Phosphate/Manganese phosphate surface treatment

  1. Aluminum anodizing
  2. Zinc alloy plating
  3. Plastic plating
  4. Barrel zinc plating
  5. Barrel nickel plating
  6. Chemical nickel
  7. Vibration grinding
  8. Sandblasting


  • Address:Amata Industrial Zone, Lot 104/2-1, St. 2, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai, Vietnam
  • Tel.: +84-251-393-6579
  • mike_feng@taizhan.com
  • Mike Feng: +84-3983-47123