Yue Ming, Vietnam

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Yue Ming, Vietnam

Yue Ming Metal Products Co., Ltd

Introduction of Yue Ming Metal Products Co., Ltd.

  • The company was established in 2012 and is one of the companies under the Taiwan Exhibition Group.  
  • The company has many years of experience in appearance manufacturing, focusing on various metal nameplates, plastic signs, stickers, crystal signs, glue signs and other products
  • The factory has complete production equipment, professional lithographic printing, screen printing, various pattern engraving, water-based oily surface treatment of materials, spray painting, baking varnish, stamping molding, crystal surface pouring, etc.


Operating items

1. The main products are all kinds of metal and plastic signs, golf labels, etc.

2. Surface treatment: brushing, drawing, laser, printing, turning, drilling and cutting, high gloss.